Darwin y raton
These were sketched for a fellow I met in a Galápagos nightclub, for the slogan of a new bar he said he was opening (2009).
An early attempt to portray  Charles Darwin  (2009)
Savannah fire. Coloured by hand, using pencils.
WWF – Bolivia  (never used) (2000).

Blind Woodlice. Single scene about the threat of cement quarrying for the teeming, minute and largely unknown cave organisms in Britain.
Fauna & Flora International (2013)
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The lion and the dandelion. Commissioned by Byrony Morgan of Fauna & Flora International, 2013. The idea was to draw attention to the fact that the tawny, feline cat is not the only 'lion' that is worthy of conservation - apparently there are threatened species of dandelion as well.
(click here to read what happened when Byrony used this cartoon)

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