Frequently Asked Questions
How can cartoons make a difference?

Cartoons are a communication tool that may potentially bridge differences of many kinds: cultural, linguistic, age-related, among others.
The idea is to the bring home the pressing issues facing our natural environment to as many people as possible, while hopefully getting them to see the funny side of things.
I might want to use cartoons for a project - how do we proceed?

Contact me by email, and explain what you have in mind, and how soon you want it. I then get back to you with an approximate timeline and price quote.
If we reach an agreement, I then work on black and white drafts, which are subject to your review. On approval of the drafts I produce the final versions. If you see details that you want to change (within reason) even at this stage, that is usually possible.
During this whole process we are in contact at all times, so that if any new ideas or changes crop up they can be immediately incorporated. This gives you a lot of control over the final product.

There are no hidden costs: what is agreed at the outset sticks to the end, unless there is mutual feeling that we should re-negotiate.

And how much is it likely to cost? 

I am always sensitive to what will work for the client. I usually give a quote for the entire job, based on my estimate of how much time I will take at my basic rate. This is why it’s important for the client to be very specific about what they want. If the client does not agree with my price, I suggest options for reaching a compromise in terms of scope of product and what would work for both parties, which usually leads to a mutually satisfactory agreement. It’s a question of transparency.
All the projects on my Published page worked in this manner (as an example, on these my rate varied from 25 - 50/hour and a single colour scene can take anything between 2 to 8 hours to complete).
Do you do stuff for free?

Not usually, unless for very simple projects that would not take me more than one or two hours to complete. In all such cases I ask for some form of publicity for my work, or copies of printed copies, if appropriate. I tend not to accept personal projects for that reason. I will be more inclined to do stuff for free if it is strategic for me to do so, i.e. good chance of paid work further on, or very good exposure.
What makes you different to other cartoonists? 

I am a self-taught cartoonist but also a practicing conservation biologist since 1992. I am currently employed full time in an international conservation organization, with which I am mostly active in Latin America.
How do you work?

All cartoons are drawn on normal paper, either using pencil or a fine black pen. I then scan the images and edit and colour them digitally using Photoshop. I am also able to digitally take care of the design and layout of products where the cartoons would appear, e.g. books, pamphlets, posters etc.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch!