Here are a few sketches that were requested to 'deformalise' the invitations to the otherwise very formal 20th anniversary reception of Oxford University's Wildlife  Conservation and Research Unit (WildCRU).

The drawings reflect - somewhat liberally perhaps - a few of the active projects at the time of this most prestigious of institutions.

Oxford, 2006.
Middle Thames Valley Watervole project. I helped out on one field trip and this cartoon is acutely reminiscent of the experience
The bat ecology programme. I think I was really pushed for ideas on this one...
One of the WildCRU researchers I met is a native from the Galápagos Islands, where there are penguins in certain seasons.
The parking attendant for the reception just had to be good old badger, quintessentially English and also a subject of much interest in WildCRU.

WildCRU's African Lion Project. One day I heard the Lion Project director muttering something about the hardships of fund raising.

Maybe he should get the lions themselves to give him a hand...
A feature of the WildCRU reception was the array of posters on display.