Rare Pride

Through its signature Pride Programme, Rare builds local capacity for sustained conservation action all over the world. Rare commissioned the following stand-alone cartoons in order to liven up their university course texts, currently delivered in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Filipino and Bahasa Indonesian, with French and Portuguese soon to come.

welcome new_intro
The power of digital editing: Rare was not happy with the version on the left, so I managed to transform it to the version on the right – without touching paper or pen.
This scene was inspired by the library at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. This was Rare’s original training centre for Anglophone partners.

rare_2 rare_3 rare_4
Puppet shows are a highly effective tool used in Pride campaigns.
Environmental education is a component of Pride, but it’s only the beginning.
Population Ecology. Inspiration for this one was immediate.

rare_5 rare_6 rare_7
The idea of turning things on their head and having the animals take control is something I’ve always found irresistible.
Rare is addressing near-shore fishing and the creation of community-based No-Take-Zones in several regions of the world. Coral reefs are top of the list.
Rare students, or Conservation Fellows, often dress up as a particular flagship species as part of their campaign effort to rally local communities.

rare_8 rare_9 rare_10
All Pride campaigns involve very careful planning based on qualitative and quantitative research.
Rare wanted a cartoon for the course on Focus Groups, and it was their idea to exploit the potential humour in reaching a wrong target audience. If I were a peccary I would not want to be in this one’s shoes. 
Selection of flagship species. Anyone who has had a job interview may sympathise with the expression on Jaguar’s face...

Surveying is the topic of this cartoon. I wanted to avoid drawing yet another tropical terrestrial scene and find a way to portray some of Rare’s more obscure flagship species, such as this Elimoang Crab from southeast Asia (it’s at the bottom centre).
Behaviour change is what Rare is all about.
The threat to biodiversity caused by oil palm
plantations in Asia is one of the top conservation issues today.
Before-and-after scenario based on the success story of the St. Lucia parrot, brought back from the brink of extinction thanks to founder of Pride, Paul Butler, and his pioneering social campaigning.

The caption to this cartoon reads:

There are many ways to raise money for your Pride campaign. This should NOT be one of them.

My original idea was to leave out the second phrase, but the folks at Rare wanted it in. They’re probably right.

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