Guajojó 1994 edition
The Guajojó magazine created in the early days of the Armonía Association (later to become the BirdLife International  partner organisation for Bolivia) offered me a golden opportunity to throw in some amateur cartoon sketches  (even of it did mean jeopardising  my reputation as a serious conservationist).

These are the very first cartoons I created in a nature conservation context.
Bolivia's highland cholas are an obvious target for caricature

"Twitcher" birdwatchers had always intrigued me with their singular passion for ticking off bird species sighted.

We had to fill up an empty page and noone could think what to put. I quickly sketched the central plaza of Santa Cruz to save the day.

Guajojó 1995 edition

As head of the Blue-throated Macaw Project at the time I created this board game, which became popular with the local kids.
Note: I later redesigned the game using digital editing, and this is the version you see when you click on the original above.

Many years later I repeated the idea below for Rare.

chola1 (20K)
For a piece about bird migration

Cholas really are irresistible cartoon subjects
Caricature of Lucho Jammes, close friend and founder of Armonía