The Finches of Isabela

Charles Darwin Foundation, Galápagos, Ecuador (2012)
finches tapatapa pinzones

On the island of Isabela in the Galápagos archipelago are found many of the mysterious and wonderful things that have made these islands famous.

It is unlikely, however, that most people would think to include the Isabela Finch on their top-ten list of things to see.

This is the story of the Isabela Finch, the rarest of all the so-called “Darwin’s finches” - a little-known species on the very brink of extinction, of which the entire world population is confined to just two tiny mangroves on the island.

The comic is in Spanish as befits its use for local distribution, primordially to schools.

Behind the scenes: earlier versions of the original artwork.

As may happen on projects of this type, the client changed their mind half way through production of the comic: they realised they would be using a boat, not a helicopter, to transport the finches. This reality had to be reflected in the comic.

I therefore was put to the task of transforming certain scenes accordingly; here are the orginal images with the helicopter.


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Similarly, I was asked to change the cover to a version “less frightening to children”. Here is what the original cover looked like.